Solo female travel tips, what should you know?

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What should you know as a solo female traveler? It's a question that comes up time and again in the travel community. There is certainly no shortage of articles today within the travel world stating all the known facts about safety as a traveler but especially as a solo female traveler. In fact solo female travel tips are everywhere it seems. Some of the lists can be quite obvious and some can be rather daunting. In the end sometimes it's just hard to tell which is really for one's safety and which is just a space filler.

As a solo female traveler, my tips come from a more personal experience and through observation of fellow travelers who might need a tip or two.

1) Research your destination's dress code.

There's a lot of prep work to do when heading to a new place in the world. One of the most important and what feels like the most overlooked is the dress code. This is probably my number one piece of advice out all the solo female travel tips out there. Cultures vary drastically and and it's far safer to a dress a bit more on the conservative side not just as a nod of respect to a new culture that perhaps isn't prone to a western style of dress, but also to err on the side of caution. There is no reason to always look as though you are on the way to the beach. You'll also find that your interactions with locals can also change drastically when you are dressed more in tune with their values, making them feel more open to conversation and overall pleasantries.

2) Keep your money locked up.

There is no need to bring out every form of currency with you. It's good to have cash and perhaps a credit or debit card but there isn't a need to carry all forms of them. Theft can be rampant in certain parts of the world, the less you bring out especially for a night out on the town the more your wallet will thank you in the morning. In fact for a night out on the town, I would simply leave the big purse at home. This is definitely a case where less is more.

3) Keep accommodation information on you.

In todays' day and age we almost solely rely on technology to help us with, well, everything. But I can't tell you the amount of travelers I met in passing who found themselves lost and without service and somehow unable to recall even the name of where they are staying. It's best to jot things down the old fashion way, perhaps even with some emergency numbers you might need in case you find yourself wandering aimlessly in the desert. Because hey, you never know!

4) Better safe than sorry.

Just because you are traveling alone doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little night life as well. Many articles will always tell you never to take drinks from strangers but you don't need to be traveling to know that that is responsible drinking 101, which goes hand in hand with leaving your drink unattended. You should also spend the extra cash for a ride home rather than walk the streets and areas you don't now late at night. Many backpackers or long term travelers find themselves on a budget but your budget should never come at the expense of your safety.

5) Never leave home without the essentials for a bathroom stop.

In many parts of the world you are often faced with just a hole as your toilet and nothing else. You will most likely come across an array of unpleasant bathroom experiences in your traveling and it's best to be prepared. Of course most countries sell what you need in the larger cities but you may not always find what you desire at a random pit stop while on a 12 hour bus ride. Toilet paper, feminine hygiene products tucked away in your bag for just these moments will feel like a tender mercy. So no need to get skimpy, bring the two-ply.

A lot of safety precautions can be true for any type of traveler, but as a female traveler even if you aren't traveling solo it's best to think outside the box. Being prepared just makes a trip that much smoother. Unfortunately we live in a world where precaution is key, being female should in no way deter you from following your wanderlust dreams, but it should make you aware of your surroundings and your own personal safety. So be proactive, figure out what makes you feel comfortable and what you should know before you hit that road.

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