What are the best areas for a solo female traveler?

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Doing anything by yourself can seem daunting, especially travelling. There’s so many things that can go wrong, and being a woman just makes it feel even more terrifying. However, this mindset is completely false. While there are some areas in the world that women probably should not travel by themselves, or anyone for that matter, there are also many incredible places and experiences that are perfectly safe. Europe is very well known for being an exciting place for every kind of traveler, especially a solo female traveler. But trying to find the right areas can be tricky, especially when you’ve never been and don’t know anything about the people.

Some of the most popular European countries include Greece and Italy. Without a doubt, it’s easy to see why so many travelers choose these areas. Although it seems most people end up going with others, these places are great for solo travelers. Starting in Greece, one of the most important places to visit would be Athens. With the abundant history and mouthwatering food, there’s plenty to do and see. The Acropolis is not something to pass up due to the inspirational architecture and the endless views. Two or three days is all you really need to fully appreciate Athens. From there, taking a ferry to one of the islands is easy and offers a stunning ride through the Aegean Sea. While there are so many unique islands to choose from, Mykonos is a top pick for many reasons. Not only is the island itself beautiful, there’s a good chance you’ll meet other travelers due to it’s popularity. Mykonos is known as the “party island” as there are many clubs throughout that frequently host world famous DJ’s. During the summer, most tourists spend their days laying on the beach and enjoying the stunning blue waters. If you want to get a full view of the island, renting an ATV for the day is an inexpensive and fun way to do it.

From Mykonos, you can catch another ferry to Santorini. This island definitely lives up to the hype that surrounds it. Although it’s best known for honeymooners, or any kind of couple looking for a romantic getaway, there’s many opportunities for a solo traveler. One of the best activities would be to simply walk through the picturesque town of Oia. This is where one can find the best spot to watch the sunset, as the white buildings turn to beautiful shades of pink and orange. Fira, the capital of Santorini, features many different shops and restaurants. Buses provide easy transportation between the towns and beaches.

Italy is arguably one of the best countries because of it’s food and history. While visiting the main cities, such as Venice and Rome, are some of the most popular destinations, sometimes it can be exciting to try new areas. The Amalfi Coast has the most picturesque views with its coastal and mountain landscapes. There are so many little towns along the way such as breathtaking Positano and historic Amalfi. It’s easily accessible via bus from the close town of Sorrento. Day trips to Capri are effortless with daily ferries. There, you can walk through luxurious brand name stores, visit the highest point on the island and visit the Blue Grotto. These smaller towns are safe and welcoming for every kind of traveler.

Being a solo female traveler is an exciting and eye-opening experience that you will never regret. Although it may feel lonely at times, it’s easy to meet others when staying at a hostel or just out adventuring. Not only will you meet new people from everywhere around the world, but you’ll also feel safer.

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